So you'd like to apply for a room? Then you've come to the right place! To apply you first need to download and fill out an application form

Bewerbung (PDF)

Please note that before the beginning of the winter semester (September/October) a particularly large number of students are looking for a room in Karlsruhe. The earlier you apply, the better chances you have!

We also require the following documents:

  1. CV
  2. Photo (can be a passport photo)
  3. University acceptance letter (if you already have it)

Then you need to send your complete application (application form and accompanying documents) to the following address:

    Studentenhochhaus Insterburg
    Insterburger Straße 2
    76139 Karlsruhe

Unfortunately we are unable to process incomplete applications – so make sure to double check everything before you send it! We ask for your understanding that, due to the large number of incoming applications, it is not always possible to reply immediately. Prior to the begin of the winter semester, when demand is particularly high, we invite a selected group of applicants for an “interview” (don't worry, it's quite harmless!) to get to know the “newbies” a little better. We then select several people to whom we offer rooms. Application is of course also possible at other times of the year and we do attempt to reply to everyone. You can apply by either email or post, but please note that because of the large volume of applications we receive, we can not return any documents you send.